Subverting the State:

The Postcolonial Predicament



09.30-10.00 Registration GLT2
10.00-10.30 Welcome and introduction


Maria Ridda, Ole Birk Laursen and Enrique Galvan-Alvarez with Abdulrazak Gurnah (Director, Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies)

10.30-12.00 Parallel sessions
1. A. The Postcolonial City, Reshaping from the Margins GLT2
Chair: Christine Whyte


Maria Ridda: Naples and Mumbai through Criminal Eyes
Florian Stadtler: Subverting the city space – Tash Aw’s Shanghai novel, Five Star Billionaire
Shamira A. Meghani: The Street-Child and the Middle-Class Gay Man in Post-Independence Bollywood Cinema: Competitive Alliances Against the State?


1. B. Spaces of Subversion, the Powerless State GLT3
Chair: Ole Birk Laursen
Adam Perchard: Resisting History: Salman Rushdie, The Emperor Akbar, and the Hybrid Nation
Charlotta Salmi: Speaking From the Gutter: Form, Force and the State in Graphic Protest Literature
Enrique Galvan-Alvarez: Orwell in Rojava? The Contested Battleground of Statelessness


12.00-12.30 Tea/coffee/biscuits Foyer
12.30-14.00 Parallel sessions
2. A. Narrative Subversions, Postcolonial Selves GLT2
Chair: Adam Perchard
Gráinne O’Connell: Subverting the ‘Post(anti-)apartheid Nation State’ and ‘Post-AIDS’ Rhetoric in Global Health Discourses: AIDS Representations in South African Literary Fiction
Robert Spencer: The African Dictator Novel
Laura Giovanelli: Questioning Legacies, Fashioning the Postcolonial Self: A Reading of James Gregory’s Goodbye Bafana: Nelson Mandela, My Prisoner, My Friend


2. B. The State Reinstated, Resistance Re-enacted GLT3
Chair: Florian Stadtler
Sourit Bhattacharya: State and the Rebels in the Postcolony: Critical Irrealism in Mahasweta Devi and Nabarun Bhattacharya
Nikita Dhawan: The Death of Leviathan: Postcolonial Governmentality, Radical Politics and State-Phobia
María do Mar Castro Varela & Carolina Tamayo Rojas: Thinking outside the state, or, Is it possible not to be governed that much?


14.00-15.00 Lunch (provided) Foyer
15.00-16.00 Keynote lecture GLT2
Chair: Abdulrazak Gurnah
Priyamvada Gopal (Cambridge)

Anticolonialism and the ‘Postcolonial Predicament’: Internationalising Resistance to Empire, 1919-1945


16.00-16.30 Tea/coffee/biscuits Foyer
16.30-18.00 3. Performing the State: Terror, Liberation and Disillusions GLT2
Chair: Enrique Galvan-Alvarez
Nicholas Manganas: Performing Terror and the State: The GAL and the Unimaginable in Spain’s “Dirty War”
Rehnuma Sazzad: The Disillusion of Decolonisation: The Subversion of a Nation-State through Linguistic Affiliation
Laura Galián: Postcolonial Sexualities in Egypt: the case of al-fann we al-hurriyya struggle for liberation


18.00-18.15 Closing remarks GLT2

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