For those of you needing accommodation in Canterbury please find a few options below:

The Victoria Hotel and the Holiday Inn Express are some of the more popular hotels for conferences.

The Victoria Hotel is the closest to campus (30 min walk, 15 min by bus), where our conference will be taking place

The Holiday Inn Express is slightly further away, but is also connected to campus by a few bus routes (45min).

However there are a number of other options for staying overnight in Canterbury.
The Falstaff Hotel is located near Canterbury West station, and is on the bus route to the University (Unibus, 4, 4X).

Likewise, the Acacia Lodge Bed and Breakfast and the Yorke Lodge are both in London Road, only a short distance from Canterbury West station, and about a minute’s walk to the nearest bus stop.

Both are approximately 20 minutes walk to the campus.

Further afield, the Canterbury Travelodge is on the far side of the city centre, but is about 5 minutes away from the central bus station.Nearby, there is also the Best Western Canterbury.

For those on a budget, there are two options for hostels: the YHA Canterbury, and Kipps Hostel. While the YHA is also approximately 5 minutes away from the bus terminal, Kipps is slightly further away, requiring around 10-15 minutes walk to the station.

Finally, there is accommodation available on the University campus from Kent Hospitality


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